A 990 tax form for Sean Feucht Ministries, a nonprofit Feucht started in 2013 (and of which Hold the Line is a subsidiary), showed $315,861 in total assets for … Home › New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) › Sean Feucht – Feelings, Whispers & Omens. Why I left Islam and became a Christian - Hazems Testimony. Juliet, said Feucht will share his Christian testimony … (CBN) – Worship leader Sean Feucht is spreading revival in “The Heart of Dixie” this weekend where hungry souls joined together to seek God’s truth and healing power. Sean Feucht, the worship leader from Bethel Church in Redding, who has been holding mass worship events throughout the Covid pandemic, is one voice saying it’s time to re-examine ourselves and the message that led many astray. Sean Feucht, the California-based ... Pastor Greg Locke, who leads Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Christian musician and activist Sean Feucht held a 2,500-person New Year's Eve concert and worship service in the parking lot of the Higher Vision Church in Valencia, California. Feucht brought his “Let Us Worship” event to Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday where God’s Spirit poured out over thousands of worshippers at Veterans Park. ISIS Assassin Meets Jesus | Testimony by Sean Feucht. Sean Feucht to headline worship event at Mount Juliet church ... they are planning to hold a worship event with testimony from Locke and Feucht on its 800-seat campus in Mount Juliet. “We have to take inventory. Evangelist Richard Roberts talks to worship leader Sean Feucht who has led outdoor “Let Us Worship” events in 54 cities in the United States in the past year as indoor church services w… Sean Feucht, leader of the Let Us Worship movement, shared a screenshot of a text message in his social media account. In his latest article, one of our favourite polemicists and very good friend Rick Becker from the ‘Famine In The Land’ blog, confronts the latest ‘vain declarations’ made by Sean Feucht: Apparently, it was from a local pastor in Seattle. Sean Feucht – Feelings, Whispers & Omens By churchwatcher on October 22, 2020. “I think we have to face that and say, ‘Hey, listen, they missed it,’” he told CBN. Johns Story - Christian Testimony. Worship leader Sean Feucht is bringing a "fresh sound of unity, hope and revival" to Florida this weekend with his "Let Us Worship" events. Ex Black Sabbath Singer Testimony. It read, “A satanist in Seattle got born again on Sun after coming to the event. It revealed a conversion testimony of a satanist, now a believer of Christ. Crissy Moran: Ex-Porn Star to Born-Again Christian. — Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) February 12, 2021 The healing continued on Friday as hundreds came back out to sing, dance, and accept the Holy Spirit into their lives. Hindu Maharishi (Guru of … Worship leader and songwriter Sean Feucht has called out Twitter and Instagram for censoring posts containing praise and worship videos, and for shutting down an account of Bethel Church's senior leader Beni Johnson for sharing Bible verses. Worship artist Sean Feucht | Courtesy of Sean Feucht.